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About Forum • Organisers

About Forum • Organisers


Minex Forum is organised by the Minex partnership which consists of the CIS and International companies involved in planning and organising Minex events.  The group is lead by the Minex co-founders: SRK Consulting, NBLgold and Advantix.  The group is open to new members and organisations wishing to contribute their resources, ideas and time for organising and hosting Minex events.  Hatch and IMC Montan have joined Minex partnership group in June 2009.

The Group’s main role is to ensure that Minex events are not biased and meet highest professional expectations of the Russian and CIS Mining Industry.  The Group members (apart of the event management company) do not seek financial remuneration or any form of financial compensation through their participation in Minex events.

The following opportunities are open to new members:

The committee is responsible for planning Minex events.

  • Selecting event themes, goals and tasks
  • Preparing key statements and messages
  • Advising on event agenda and its execution
  • Selecting speakers and presentation papers
  • Approving scheduling and logistical decisions
  • Chairing or moderating event sessions


Chairperson: Mikhail Leskov, Director General, NBLgold


Mining of precious metals: Vitaly Nesis, Director General, Polymetal

Mining and exploration of ferrous metals and coal: Valery Zaydenvarg, Chairman of the Board, JSC Coal Market Research Institute.


Engineering: Zygmunt Fuginski, CEO, SPb-Giproshakht, and Stephen Coackley, Principal Consultant, Hatch

Consulting: Andrey Melnikov, Director, SRK Russia; Roman Schetinsky, Head of Research, NBLgold; Yuri Malyshev, President, NCP Geopromyshlenniki Rossii; John Bacharach, Managing Director, IMC Consulting / WYG International

Relations with higher education and research institutions: Sergey Cherkassov, Secretary General, Int'l Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits.


Regulation: Darya Vasilevskaya, Deputy Head, State Policy Department for exploration and subsoil use, Ministry of Natural Resources; Evgeniya Laurson, Partner, White & Case; Nikolay Matyash, Executive Director, Mining Advisory Council; Dr Mike Armitage, Chairman of Subcommittee On Harmonisation Of Int'l & Russian Reserves Reporting Standards, CRIRSCO; Grigory Malukhin, Head of Methodology, GKZ

Environment and safety: Sergey Bourtsev, Director General, ERM Eurasia

Media relations: Nadezhda Kandaurova, Manager, Geoinformmark; Irina Yukhtina, Director, Advantix Ltd.


International and Government relations: Arthur Poliakov, Managing Director, Advantix; Arthur Krivov, Managing Director, Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce.


The role of the committee is to ensure independent and fair award nomination process. The committee annually confirms award categories, defines awards criteria, selects award nominees, considers voting results, confirms award winners and presents award to the winners.


The committee is responsible for event preparation, marketing, budgeting and overall administration. The Committee is managed by a UK-based Advantix Ltd – Professional Events Management and Business Communications Company. For more information about Advantix Ltd please visit our website.